Our Motivation

The 3 Charts below explain the Urgency and Our Motivation

Two Key Takeaway's from the above chart

Most of this chart shows a stable Temperature Range - this is where Ecosystems form and thrive. The right had side of this chart shows how in the early 2000's temperatures are rising rapidly and are projected to continue to rise. This will cause ecosystems to break and collapse.

Our children and grandchildren will be living the prime of their lives in the right hand side of this chart. As Ecosystems break down there will be less livable space (hundreds of millions displaced, extreme immigration and terrorist activity), less food, extreme natural disasters, etc. See below for IPPC/UN projections for impacts this century.

Overlay the expected life milestones from the below chart for your own children, grandchildren or loved ones. Imagine what they will be facing. Now you understand our Motivation.