HiTech 4 Climate

HiTech4Climate is a Collective of Current and Former HiTech Industry Executives and Veterans

dedicated to solving the challenges of Climate Change

The 2018 UN Report – World’s Scientists state we have “10 years to dramatically cut our carbon emissions”

The best pathway is to enable viable & cost effective Renewable Energy solutions to replace Carbon Based Energy and minimize their devastating effects on our planet

Our goal is to harness the expertise and experience of leading High Tech companies to help accelerate innovation and deployment of solutions that target Climate Change


“I don’t really view it as philanthropy but as a necessary defense action for my children, grandchildren and their descendants.” Jeremy Grantham – Legendary Fund Mgr on his plan to Donate $1B (98%) of Personal Fortune to fight Climate Change

“We need technology breakthroughs. There will be technology breakthroughs it’s just a question of when it’s going to happen.” Dr Maria Zuber – VP Research MIT

"The problem in batteries isn't coming up with a cool new piece of science. Instead, it's about translating science in an academic lab to mass-scale production, which requires a different set of skills.” Gene Berdichevsky - founder Sila Nanotechnologies.

“We call on companies and governments around the world to do all we can to make 2021 the year we turn the corner for good” Tim Cook

"Only the paranoid survive" Dr. Andrew S. Grove


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