"There is no turning back from the essential contributions that the technological and business communities must make to address Climate Change and help ensure human survival. I wholeheartedly endorse this plan". Dr Michael MacCracken - Chief Scientist Climate Institute/Member IPCC/Former President International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences/Former Al Gore Chief Technical Adviser

“I am happy to endorse what you are proposing to the high tech companies. It is time for all hands on deck with this climate crisis“ Dr William Ripple – coordinator of 16,000 World Scientists “Warning to Humanity”

“High Tech firms can make a significant difference in protecting the global climate” John Topping – founder and CEO of the Climate Institute, former head of EPA Air & Radiation

"This is war. We need everyone. If we hope to save the planet, time is of the essence. High Tech needs to jump in and jump in now!“ Daniel Power – CEO Oceana Energy Corp

“Investors will embrace this. High Tech involvement along the lines of this proposal will help move them to seize what is very likely the greatest economic opportunity of our time" David Tattershall – Business Consultant/Climate Activist